Last updated on 24 févr. 2022

The Cief offers semester-long courses in French language. These courses are aimed at all students from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2) level and lead to a University Diploma of French Studies (DUEF).

Our courses combine the acquisition of language skills and cultural knowledge. They also develop learning and communication strategies.
Work in small groups (14 to 20 students) and the diversity of classroom practices ensure your progress.
Rate per semester : 1 500 €
Support cost : 100 €
CVEC tax for 2022/23 : 92 €
Prerequisites / Target public
  • be at least 18 years old
  • hold a diploma confirming the completion of secondary studies equivalent to the Baccalaureate, and/or a higher education diploma
Semester courses :
  • from September to December OR
  • from January to May
Duration :
  • 240 hours / semester
  • 20 hours / week
  • 12 or 13 weeks
  Pre-registration :
  • from March to May for September courses
  • from October to November for January courses
Studying at Cief Lyon 2
Students who enrol at the CIEF in Lyon benefit from:
  • quality training based on innovative teaching methods
  • tutored projects
  • workshops, outings and trips throughout the year
  • all the services provided by the University of Lyon 2 to its students (access to libraries, sports facilities, university restaurants, etc.).

Our trainings enable you to obtain 6 university diplomas:
University Diploma in French Studies A1
The A1 level (Elementary Discovery) introduces you to the French language. You will learn the basics of communication. At the end of the course, you will be able to interact in a basic way and to satisfy concrete needs: greeting, introducing yourself, asking questions...
University Diploma in French Studies A2
The A2 level (Beginner) allows you to develop your communication skills in French. At the end of the course, you will be able to interact in a simple way in various contexts: friendly, personal or professional.
University Diploma in French Studies B1
At level B1 (Threshold level), you are considered to be an independent person in French language and culture: you can handle a concrete and simple situation in the field of family, friends, work, leisure, etc.
University Diploma in French Studies B2
At level B2 (Advanced or Independent), you are considered to be independent in the French language and culture, and can deal with concrete, abstract or complex subjects in writing and speaking.
University Diploma in French Studies C1
At level C1 (so-called Experienced), you are considered autonomous in the French language. You can interact effectively and fluently with your social and professional environment.
University Diploma in French Studies C2
At level C2 (Experienced), you have a good command of the French language: you can express yourself fluently, without difficulty and precisely, in social, family and professional contexts.