Last updated on 01 mars 2022

Thematic 3-6-9 training courses are designed for non-francophones who are members of a partnership and who already have French language skills at levels from B1 to C2. The programme was conceived around a strong thematic logic in collaboration with the international partner and specialists of the discipline from the partner faculty or institute. The purpose of this training session is to study a discipline in French.

To participate in this training session, you must have studied this subject in your country of origin, whatever your specialisation may be: law, medicine, the humanities and social sciences, literature, physical sciences, etc. The training session is held during 3,6 or 9 weeks. A class consists of students who share the same specialisation.

Skills targeted are linguistic, cultural and specialised.

  • Specialised courses in French taught by specialised instructors, will consolidate your training. These courses will complete your skills in your area of study and will enable you to deal with it in the French language.
  • Linguistic aspects include courses in written and oral composition and expression as well as a linguistic and methodological accompanying course. The objective is to acquire or consolidate learning strategies and communication and interaction skills in general French.
  • A course on Francophone culture and local life will enable you to participate in French life, through the study of cultural themes in class and through meetings outside class. You may in this way discover the districts of Lyon and their residents.

Each 3-6-9 thematic training class thus enables you to work on your French language skills by also experimenting with the acquisition of specialised knowledge. At the end of the training course, you will be awarded a certificate on the completion of the course and including an assessment of your level of French[1].


[1] Take note: The certificate awarded is not a certificate in French or in a specialisation. To continue your studies in France, you must pursue university training in the French language and in your specialisation.

Target audience
  • An allophone audience, as part of a partnership
  • with a minimum age of 18 years
  • Levels B1 to C2 in French (no certification required)
  • Students of specialised subjects in your country of origin

The 3, 6 and 9 courses each include:

4 specialised courses per week
5 language courses per week, including 1 linguistic and methodological accompanying course

1 course in Francophone culture and local life per week, including at least:
  • 2 accompanied outings for package 3
  • 4 accompanied outings for package 6
  • 6 accompanied outings for package 9

[1] Health measures related to Covid-19 may result in modifications in the frequency and nature of visits outside class.

Key info
Formula 3
Duration of training  52,5 hours (3 weeks)
Group rate  6 900 € (group of 20 trainees maximum)
Prerequisites Level B1 (open only to university partners)
Formula 9
Duration of training 157,5 hours (9 weeks)
Group rate 18 500 € (group of 20 trainees maximum)
Prerequisites Level B1 (open only to university partners)
Formula 6
Duration of training 105 hours (6 weeks)
Group rate  13 000 € (group of 20 trainees maximum)
Prerequisites Level B1 (open only to university partners)