Last updated on 24 févr. 2022
The program "Learning French between Saône and Rhône" is a monthly online course, renewable for 8 months. This program include both synchronous and asynchronous courses.
Language levels : B1 / B2.
Target audience
  • This course is for students who want to improve their French at home and have a A2 level in French
24,5 hours per month (for each student)
Every week, a student attend 2 x 2 hours of synchronous online classes.
Every week, the student have to do some homeworks (2 hours of work per week).
A 30 minutes interview is also planned to check student progress.
This online course allow students to improve their writing and oral skills in French. The peculiarity of this course is to focus on Lyon : every month, the course will talk about cultural and social events, competitions, economic forums which take place in the Lyon region.
Tuition and fees

350 € / month