Last updated on 29 avr. 2024

All the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Can I register for CIEF if I am a beginner in French?

It depends on the type of course chosen. The CIEF semester courses are, for example, all levels (from A1 to C2). A student new to French can therefore register without any difficulty. On the other hand, a beginner cannot register for an annual course where one of the pre-requisites is to have level B1.

How much are the support costs?

The support costs are €100. They are paid only once, during the first pre-registration at CIEF. Take note: these fees are non-refundable.

Where can I find the bank details to pay the support cost of €100?

The University's bank details (RIB) are available on the E-candidat platform. You also have the option of requesting the details from the Secretariat by writing to the following address:

Can the CIEF reject my application?

If the reception capacity of the Centre is reached or if your file does not meet the required conditions, the CIEF reserves the right not to accept your file.

Are support fees and CVEC the same thing?

No. The support costs correspond to the costs of examining your file by the CIEF and are paid during pre-registration. However, the CVEC is a compulsory tax, the amount of which is set each year by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This must be paid during administrative registration. You must connect to the website in order to pay your Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC).

If I pre-register for two semesters, do I have to pay the course fees at the same time?

No, tuition fees are paid separately at the start of each semester. Thus, the fees for semester courses should be paid in September and/or January while the fees for annual courses should be paid only in September. Do not confuse the tuition fees with the support fees (€100), which are payable only once.

Can I pre-register if I don't have a high school diploma?

It is not possible to pre-register if you do not yet have your secondary school diploma at the time of pre-registration (even if you are expected to receive it a few months later). If you are in this situation, it is advisable to postpone your visit to the following semester. On the other hand, if you have a university degree and you have lost or no longer have a secondary school diploma, this is of course possible.

Can I pre-register if I am not yet 18 years old at the time of pre-registration?

You can pre-register if you are not yet 18, provided you have obtained your high school diploma. 

Is my secondary school diploma sufficient to pre-register?

Yes and no. It depends on the country in which you studied. For some countries, a letter of admission to the University is required in addition to the secondary school certificate.

Can I translate the various requested documents myself?

No, the documents (birth certificate or extract, diploma, university admission letter, etc.) must be translated by an official translator. However, the CIEF also accepts documents in English and Spanish.

Must I take a test before the start of the course?

Yes. A written and oral placement test is organised on-line or in person in order to place you in a group corresponding to your level. This test is compulsory even if you are a beginner or if you have a French diploma: for example, if you have a B1 level diploma, you will not automatically be pre-registered for B2 level. You must first take the tests (mandatory). If you have already taken a French test (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF…), you can attach a copy of the results obtained on the eCandidat platform.

When should I go to the CIEF?

The date of the convocation for a re-entry meeting is on your pre-registration certificate. Your presence at this meeting is mandatory. Otherwise, your pre-registration will be cancelled.

Do the courses start on the date that appears on my convocation?

No, before you can really start your courses, you must first complete a number of steps for your final registration. This includes finalising your administrative registration and attending an educational meeting (mandatory meeting with Instructors).

Can I have a typical schedule before the start of the course?

It is not possible to have a typical timetable before the start of the course, since the timetables are prepared each semester, at the start of the school year, according to the number of students. Also, the list of courses varies according to the capacities of the CIEF and Lumière Lyon 2 University.

Former diploma student
How can I get my diploma back if I am no longer a CIEF student?

If you have completed your studies at CIEF and have not collected your diploma before your departure, it can be posted to you by mail. For this, you must send us an A4-size envelope (22 x 30 cm) with your name and address on it. The envelope must be stamped for international registered mail. To know the current rates, click here: