Last updated on 01 mars 2022
Published on January 26, 2022 Updated on March 1, 2022

Some operating rules to know

CIEF pre-registration rejection clause
If the maximum reception capacity of the Centre is reached, the application will not be accepted.
Likewise, in the event of a file that does not correspond to the registration conditions, the CIEF reserves the right not to accept the application.

Placement tests
Before starting any training, it is mandatory to take the written (on-line) and oral tests, on the date and time specified by the CIEF.

Attendance is compulsory, as provided for in the regulations. In the event of unjustified absences, the CIEF reserves the right to refuse authorisation to the student to re-register for the following semester.
Continuous control
The dates for continuous monitoring are announced during the training courses. It is not possible to request changes in dates for personal convenience.

The description of the programmes can be provided on request.

Detailed certificates (results, number of hours, type of teaching, CECR level reached) are provided on request.