Published on February 18, 2022 Updated on March 1, 2022
on the 1 October 2020

A member of the teaching staff at the CIEF since 2003, Frédéric Violay knows it well and appreciates staff and audiences. On October 1, he succeeded Manda Green as head of this component.

His career

After studying Economics and Social Sciences at Lyon 2 University, Frédéric Violay became a certified professor and quickly began a very diverse career abroad. United States, Congo, Norway, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, as well as a passage through French Guyana. He demonstrates great versatility both in teaching levels and in the subjects he teaches. His positions in business schools, as tutor, director and instructor for all levels illustrate his great adaptability.

It was during missions for the Red Cross in the refugee camps of Cabinda that he discovered French as a Foreign Language. After training in FLE at Lyon 2 University, he coordinated French programmes at the Phnom Penh University of Law and Economics before heading the French Cultural Centre in Siem Reap.

In 2003, when Frédéric joined the CIEF teams, he very quickly put his experience at the service of the International Relations Department as Project Manager for the reception of international students. He became responsible for several specialised diplomas at CIEF and he coordinates French programmes linked to agreements between the Institute of Business Studies in Chongqing, the UFR of SEG and the CIEF.

Frédéric Violay carries out numerous missions abroad to respond to requests for expertise, lectures and selections.

For several years Frédéric Violay has participated in the publication of textbooks for Magnard Vuibert Editions.

Frédéric Violay is also passionate about the Lyrical Arts and he himself has sung, as a chorister, with prestigious orchestras and conductors and participated in recordings (Berlioz, Fauré) notably for the firm Warner.

His plans for the CIEF

As with the whole University and society, the CIEF is going through complicated times with COVID-19. For Frédéric Violay, we must therefore try to maintain energy and optimism and prepare to emerge from this health crisis by regaining our attractiveness.

Get through the crisis while keeping the confidence of the students through the quality of the follow-up and reception. We must be ready to renew our training offers, strengthen ties with our partners while looking for newcomers to stimulate our enthusiasm and creativity.
Within the University, the CIEF must be a strong element of the international image of Lumière Lyon 2. The team is motivated and dynamic, competent and serious. The commitment to international students has always been unwavering and this strength is invaluable.

By the way

Frédéric Violay lent himself to our version of Proust's questionnaire.

1 – In which city would you like to live?
New York.
2 - What is your cult film?
Sympathy for mister vengeance by Park Chan-Wook
3 - If you had not become Director of CIEF, what would you have liked to do? 
Opera director or star baritone, but the star is always the tenor! 
4 - What is your favourite word?
Joy associated with a good mood. 
5 - What are you afraid of?
The intolerance that thrives in the world ... 
6 - What is the gift that you would like to have?
Sing very well without effort. 
7 - What is the last book you read?
Radical, by Tom Connan
8 - What are you often criticized for?
Often?… Nothing!
9 - What makes you laugh?
My friends.
10 - What do you hate?
Violence and salsify. 
11 - What is your motto?
“Always curious, but selective all the same”. 
12 - What time of day do you prefer?
The one during which I do, I meet, I share ... So, several times during the day.   

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